Heidi Ogden

303 Vernon St. Nelson BC

sacred stone massage therapy | 250 505 4885
What I offer…

I offer a traditional approach to treatment including Swedish massage and myofascial release (works with your muscles and connective tissues; Swedish massage requires the use of lotion or oil; fascial release does not).

I incorporate other modalities such as LaStone Therapy (hot and/or cold stones which allow for a deeper yet comfortable massage).

I offer Reflexology, which works any area of the body through the feet, hands or ears. Working with the feet is particularly helpful for stubborn patterns of discomfort in the body.

I am also studying a system called Ortho-Bionomy, which is a form of bodywork that uses gentle positioning and movement to support the release of discomfort, pain and tension in a way that feels safe and comfortable (can be incorporated within a massage or can be experienced separately; a client can remain clothed).

The story of Sacred Stone Massage Therapy…

Hi, I’m Heidi. I graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002 and created Sacred Stone when I moved to Nelson in 2009. It was late summer and even though I’d only visited Nelson a few times before, I knew I was home.

At that time in my practice, I was blending traditional Swedish massage with myofascial release and LaStone Therapy. Bringing LaStone into my work was my first step in trying to soften the experience of deep tissue massage. Many people wanted to know if I was “capable of not hurting them?” that they, “couldn’t find an RMT that wouldn’t beat them up”. As students we were taught to “meet resistance with resistance”. After 15 years of practice I wanted an approach that was both effective and comfortable. I began searching for new teachers…

I have been blessed with many inspiring teachers. Master Shanti developed the Shanti System, a path of self-cultivation, over many years of studying both Eastern and Western practices. Shanti is one teacher whose guidance led to a deeper understanding of the human body. She taught me how to listen to more subtle levels of the body, and how to work with someone without setting off their fight or flight response. This made a big difference in my approach to bodywork.

Another teacher who continues to widen my scope is Sid Tayal, the founder of C.H.A.I., Canadian Healing Arts Institute in Rossland. One of the practices that Sid introduced me to is Ortho-Bionomy. OB has quickly become my preferred system when working with discomfort in the body. It is effective and pain free!
Sacred Stone has become a multi-faceted approach to bodywork. I am grateful for the many clients that have taught me that each body has its own innate wisdom, and to always start my day with beginner’s eyes.

Thank you
updated Wed, Apr 5, 2017